Here is a handy map with every sandwich shop saved on it. Watch the video or scroll down to read about all the best sambos in Florence 🙂

All Antico Vinaio
This is your classic insta-famous sandwich shop. The lines are long and they make every sandwich photogenic as hell. Don’t get me wrong – it’s good. Really really delicious, and they’ve got a heap of different filling options. But it’s not the best in Florence. If you want a sambo that tastes good AND will look good on your socials, it’s a strong choice. But if you’re short on time and don’t wanna line up for 30 mins, there are better options.
I ate: Favolosa- salami, pecorino cheese, artichoke cream, grilled eggplant

I Fratellini
This spot is my favourite out of every shop I visited. I never had to wait in line (though once I walked past at lunchtime on a Saturday and there was quite a queue). Not only are the ingredients fresh and delicious, but the guys who work there are super friendly. There are a ton of good options on the menu. Oh, and they have wine. That’s a WIN.
I ate: number 4– ham and salsa verde. I also tried their tuna, tomato, and onion sandwich as well as the proscuitto and pecorino. All were delicious.

Panificio Brunori Salvatore
Alright. This spot is literally a minute walk from where I’m living in Florence, so it automatically gets a lot of points. But its a reaaaallly good spot, I promise. It’s a pretty basic bakery, and I’ve only ever seen locals in there – which sets it apart from a lot of places on this list. They don’t have any set menu items, just a list of all the fillings you can choose from. If you don’t speak Italian no probs, they’ll help you out. They have all differnet types of foccacia you can choose from – I love the one with rosemary on top. 
I ate: salami, tomato, pesto and rocket. Also tried one with ham, sun-dried tomato and rocket.

I’ Girone De’ Ghiotti
Alright, I’m only gonna recommend this for their vegan sandwich. If there’s a line: don’t bother. The service is slow and it’s really not as good as the other shops around it. But their vegan option has a really delicious truffle cream that adds a layer of moistness (sorry) that you won’t be able to find in other sandwiches here. 
I ate: Francesca (truffle cream, eggplant, zucchini, and salad)

Sergio Pollini Lampredotto
Alright let’s cut right to the chase here: lampredotto is cow’s stomach. Yeah, sounds super gross. I was really put off by it BUT it’s a local specialty and I always wanna try everything. It’s cooked up with a ton of flavourful sauces, sometimes in a spicy tomato broth, and then whacked in a sandwich. It’s a real traditional street food, and you’ll find carts everywhere selling lampredotto sandwiches (or as a dish with potatoes). I stumbled upon this place which was super delicious, when I wasn’t thinking too hard about what I was eating. Definitely worth trying at least once. Get a cup of wine and sit in the piazza and enjoy.

Le Bondi
This is a tiny, cute little place that’s cosy and warm and – best of all – cheap. They serve up freshly-made foccacia sandwiches, as well as pizza by the slice. The foccacia is seriously good, and most are under 3 euros. I had the pesto and potato one which was aaaamazing (carbs on carbs amirite), but they’ve got heaps of options. Also, you can just make your own by pointing at whatever ingredients look good to you, Subway style.
oops I forgot to take a photo of this so here’s one from google that looks good


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