Cheap Meals in London under £5: Eating on a budget

Here’s a map with every location I’ve mentioned: LONDON FIVE POUND MEALS

London is famously expensive. As an Australian with a shitty exchange rate (£1 is currently about $2), it’s easy to go broke within days of getting there. But while a lot of things can cost way more than they really should (crappy hipster coffee I’m looking at you…), it’s not too hard to find some deals around the city. Here are some of the best places to get meals under £5.

Watch the video below or skip to the list!

Franco Manca
This Italian chain has a pretty great pizza menu – and their margherita pizzas are £5 exactly. There are a couple locations around the city.

Pizza Union
Margherita pizzas for £3.95? Sign me up. They’ve also got a ton of good topping options, and none of their pizzas are over £6. They’re big enough to share between two, then grab a frozen marg for £3.50 as well.

Beigel Shop
Open for 150 years, this place on Brick Lane is basically a London institution. The 24-hour bakery is best known for their salt beef bagels which are HUGE and DELICIOUS. And they’re £5.

Brick Lane Markets
This weekly Sunday market is full of stalls offering up cheap eats, usually around £4-5 per meal. You can get noodles, dumplings, empanadas, pasta, and basically all your heart’s desires.

The Kati Roll company
This place serves up Indian wraps, using paratha as the bread. The filling options include chicken tikka, minced lamb, spicy potato, or egg and veggie. And they’re £5.

La Tua Pasta
This Borough Market outlet churns out fresh pasta, and you can get a bowl with sauce for £5.

Koshari Street
An Egyptian street food joint, they’ve got incredibly flavourful dishes like lentils, rice, falafel, wraps, and pasta. Mains start at £3.95.

Seoul Bakery
If you’re a fan of bibimbap, you can’t pass up a visit to this Chinatown eatery which serves up bowls of it for £5.

Wong Kei
For cheap food in giant quantities, Chinese is usually a pretty safe bet. This two-story restaurant has an extensive menu – you can’t go past the wonton noodle soup for £5.95. The serving is more than enough for two people.

Petticoat Lane Market
This weekday market has a lot of food options but the falafel stand really can’t be beat. The delicious wraps are legendary and only £3.

This Mexican bar and eatery in Dalston has a great happy hour from 5-7pm and all day Tuesday. All their tacos are £2 – just be aware that if the menu says (2) next to the taco, it’ll be £4.

The India Club
This spot in downtown London serves up £5 takeaway lunchbox specials; choose from chicken biryani, chicken curry, or veggie dhal.

Roti King
If you haven’t tried Malaysian food before, get your butt over here and try out their roti. Served with dhal, it’ll set you back less than £5.

Netil Market
Everyone can agree that bao are THE BEST. Well, there’s a stand at Netil Market where you can get your fix for £3.50.


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