Here’s What a Croatian Island Hopping Boat Tour Is Really Like

I just finished a seven-day island-hopping trip through Croatia with Busabout and honestly had the time of my life. I was a little hesitant in booking the trip – I’ve heard stories of Croatia sailing trips being giant parties at sea, and basically a week-long bender. I feel like I’m now too old to be wasted for seven days straight, and didn’t want to be stuck on a boat of partying 18-year-olds.

Luckily, all my fears were unfounded, and I ended up having a great week that was the perfect mix of relaxing and getting my drink on. I figured I’d share a little bit of what the week was like, for anyone out there who might have the same misconceptions!

Every day follows the same basic format: wake up, have breakfast, lie in the sun, stop somewhere and drop an anchor, swim, have lunch, dock in a town, explore the town, drink, eat dinner, drink, sleep. Heaven, right?

Cocktails in Korcula

Breakfast and lunch are served on the boat, and we’d get off each evening for dinner. There’s also a bar on the boat with beer and cider and cocktails for good prices, where we did most of our drinking. You’re not supposed to bring your own alcohol on board, but one night we stopped at a winery and I bought a bottle of wine. I snuck it back on board and covertly drank it one night instead of buying drinks. Shhhhh.

Wine tasting at Stari Grad, Hvar
Hiking in Hvar

Sometimes we’d dock in big cities, like Split and Dubrovnik. Sometimes, they were small towns like Korcula and Hvar. One night we docked in Mljet, a beautiful national park where we could hike, kayak, and swim.

Our boat had 19 people, which was the perfect number. Not too many, not too few. We all got along really well, and the boat never felt too cramped. The cabins are preeeetty small, with a bunkbed and a sink and a tiny amount of floor space. You’re only really in there to sleep so it doesn’t matter too much – some of us slept up on the main deck anyway.

While it wasn’t a 24/7 party, it definitely wasn’t a relaxing, old-people type cruise either. We drank every night, did at least five shots a day, and really leaned into the “yolo I’m on holiday” energy of it all. I needed a couple days to recover afterward, but I wouldn’t have changed my experience for the world. I could have paid more and stayed on a bigger boat, been a bit more comfortable. But that just wouldn’t have been as much fun.

If you have any specific questions about my trip or what it was like, please hit me up in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap!


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  1. Outosego Avatar

    Just wonderful, dear. Thank you.

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