For a relatively small city, Adelaide has a pretty damn good food scene. Obviously there’s cheese and wine a plenty, and the majority of the produce on offer is fresh-as-hell and top quality. Here are some of my fave spots that are all within walking distance of Rundle Mall.

Dumpling King

Dumpling King
I am such a dumpling fiend that I can’t visit a new place without checking out their best offering. Dumpling King in Chinatown is perfect by every standard. It’s got low prices, and the food is seriously delicious. The dumplings themselves were HUGE and I also got noodle soup which was probably big enough for two people.

Betty’s Burgers
Ok, this is a chain and it definitely didn’t start in Adelaide. BUT I just want to do a quick shoutout because they have the best-ever gluten-free burger bun I’ve ever tried. Definitely worth a visit if you’ve spent a lifetime eating soggy or cardboard-tasting bread.

Jekyll & Hyde
I only went to this cute little cafe because it was around the corner from my Airbnb, but ended up loving it. They’ve got a ton of options and it’s just a nice place to sit and relax while enjoying a slow breakfast. I had a chicken salad which was BOMB. Oh, and their iced coffee is A+++.

Kutchi Deli Parwana
I’d never eaten Afghan food before coming here, and it blew my mind. It’s such an amazing variety of flavours, and dishes I couldn’t even imagine. My top pick is Mantu – dumplings covered with sauce and lentils. I’m still dreaming about it.

Kutchi Deli Parwana

48 Flavours
I LOOOOOOVEEEE ice cream, but shouldn’t really eat dairy. (Does that always stop me? No.) 48 Flavours has dairy-free/vegan ice cream which is actually creamy and not just sorbet. I had cookies and cream and couldn’t believe how good it tasted. It’s right near Chinatown so perfect as a post-dumpling dessert.

Burger Theory
I am a hoe for the environment so I was super keen to see that Burger Theory replaced all their beef patties with kangaroo. Kanga meat is way better for the planet than beef, and it’s a much more ethical farming method. It’s also a great place to take foreigners who have no idea that we actually eat kangaroo.

Caffeind Coffee Co.
The city outpost of this cafe is a cute little space hidden down an alleyway, with a really good varied menu. I loooove a brunch bowl, as I am the basic-est of bitches, and this place really delivered.


I didn’t eat here, but I did have a coffee-spiked protein smoothie which was truly delish and a good breakfast option if you’ve gotta eat on the run.

Le Souk
There aren’t too many Algerian cafes around, so Le Souk is definitely worth some of your time. Located right in the middle of the Adelaide Central Market, it’s a cozy, counter-service mini restaurant, with the nicest owner you’ll ever meet.


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